Wednesday, 21 August 2013



Isn't that just the cutest picture? Baby bear drew this picture of me before Farquaad banished us all. Papa bear thinks it looks like a sun burnt hamster in a pink apron but I think it's beautiful. My baby bear is so talented! Such a shame Farquaad felt a need to banish the little ones along with everyone else. Besides, not everyone here is a freak. I mean personally, there are days I wouldn't be opposed to leaving Gingy, Pinocchio or the pigs here but that wouldn't be right. No matter how annoying they can be, they're not freaks (again I find the issue of Pinocchio.) Although even the ones that are, arguably freaks are pretty nice creatures. Farquaad had no right to banish us! And couldn't he have at least banished us somewhere nicer?
That's all from Mama bear today.

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